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I’m a car guy. Before I could drive I was going to drag races  and once I entered high school I studied vocational auto mechanics. After graduation I spent the next 13 years as an automotive technician. Since then my day job has been with a major auto insurance company. This love of cars merged with my love of photography when I was a teenager. After getting to know a few people I was often at the starting line photographing drag races on the weekends.

Then by my mid-twenties I drifted away from photography. But with the inception of digital photography I jumped back in over a decade ago and this has been my driving passion when not working or spending time with my family. Since jumping back in , one of the first new techniques I learned was light painting. This was a technique that I first started using with my landscape photography. Most photographers seem to have a love for things that are in a state of decay or abandonment, so I started bringing light painting into my work with abandoned buildings and old cars.

One thing I have not spent any time on, prior to launching this website, was doing photography for hire. As in doing portraits, weddings, or trying to sell my work. I don’t have anything against those pursuits, but like anything in life, it takes time and effort to be successful. Until now, I have preferred to spend that time honing my craft.

In 2013 I partnered with my friend Denise Silva and formed Road Runner Photography Tours. We started RRPT because after spending a couple years putting together photography trips for friends, we saw a demand that stretched far beyond our circle of friends.  Leading photography tours domestically and internationally with RRPT was an incredible experience.  In 2019 I decided to leave RRPT to spend more time working on my art and building my brand.  

But getting back to why I’m offering this service now. For years I have been told by friends to go to car shows, that the car owners would love to have great pictures of their car. But most car shows are in the middle of the day when the light is often harsh. I consider the type of work I do as a production and as such I want to be able to be in control of all the elements and this is just not possible at at car show.  Light Painting is a skill that many photographers do not possess and I have been honing this skill for a decade. For me this is twofold, of course I’m happy to earn a return on all the time and economic resources that I have poured into this passion of mine. But my greater desire is to create quality one of a kind images of a subject that I am passionate about. By creating fine art light paintings I’m feeding my desire to be creative as well as providing an image that my clients will treasure!


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